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Each donation includes a bundle of two physical cassette tapes:

  1. Pax: Hazards // Tricot Dual Tape (available in Smoke Black)

    • the J-card for this tape is reversible, the images above showcase the display when reversed.

    • the available colorway comes in Smoke Black, as showcased above.

   2. DMD: First Tape Release

A payment for shipping and handling is encouraged but not enforced (~$4)

*Please make sure that your shipping information on your Paypal account is correct and up to date*

ATTENTION: After completing purchase, there will be no confirmation of purchase. When you arrive back at the Rap Vacation website, your purchase is complete.

*NOTE: If you are accessing this site on mobile, there is currently a known bug where PayPal does not open properly, please access the site on desktop to continue properly.

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